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What is

In a nutshell, you send us moneroj and we make your bitcoin payment. allows you to make a Bitcoin payment with the strong privacy provided by Monero. This means that using Monero together with, you can pay any Bitcoin address in the world while protecting your privacy.

My money is gone!?

In case something went wrong with your order, don't panic. The friendly people over at can certainly help you out. If you contact them, please include:

  1. your order's secret key
  2. any other information that helps us to identify your payment (payment id, transaction id, time, amount, etc…)
  3. your Monero address (for reimbursement)

Please understand that for operational reasons, we cannot reimburse you in Bitcoin.

How does it work? (tl;dr version)

  1. Enter the Bitcoin address you want to pay, and the amount you want to send. Hit the "Create" button.
  2. We tell you how many moneroj you need to send us.
  3. Once we receive the moneroj you send us, we make your requested bitcoin payment.

How does it work? (long version)

  1. Create a new order: just enter the Bitcoin address you want to pay, and the precise amount you want to send there. Note that a message might inform you that "Orders up to X BTC will be sent out instantly." This means that if you choose an amount smaller or equal to the amount X BTC shown, it will be processed instantly without even a confirmation. Larger orders require a confirmation (2 minutes on average).
  2. We set up an order for you. An order is the contract between you and, which states that if we receive a specific number of moneroj from you, we will make a specific Bitcoin payment on your behalf.
    • Take note of the order secret key that we give you (a unique identifier, 12 characters long, that starts with 'xmrto-…'). If you want to track the status of your order later, you will need this secret key.
    • Send the amount of moneroj (XMR) specified in the order to the indicated address.
    • If your wallet software does not support integrated address, select the alternative "old-style address / payment ID". Do not forget the payment ID!
    • Your order is only valid for 15 minutes. You will need to send us the requested amount of moneroj within this time window, or we won't be able to process the order. Note that we only need to see the unconfirmed transaction on the p2p network within this time window, confirmation by miners can come later.
  3. Once we get your Monero payment, depending on the amount, we may wait for it to be confirmed (typically just few minutes), and then send your requested amount of bitcoins to the Bitcoin address that you chose.

Do you support the payment protocol?

We're working on adding payment request support, but in the meantime, you can do as follows. Change the url in your browser from this:

to this:

(So just add the "-noscript"). The address and amount should be then visible.

What is the indicative rate?

The indicative rate is the rate we currently offer for a standard order size. We call it indicative as it might change depending on the amount of your order. If you want to see the actual rate for your desired amount, just create an order!

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The BTC/XMR exchange rate that you are quoted determines the exact number of moneroj you need to send us in order to have your Bitcoin payment fulfilled.

How well is protecting my privacy?

Monero payments are confidential. To be fully precise: given the current state of the art in cryptography, your privacy is provably enforced at the mathematical level. Monero allows to make payment over the internet with the strongest privacy currently achievable by cryptocurrencies. That is what we mean by confidential. Thus no-one (including us) can link you to the payment you send us.

The only other link to us is your IP address (from which you are visiting this webpage right now), which you should hide if you wish to protect your privacy to the full extend (see best practices below).

As bitcoin payments are public, payments we make on your behalf will be visible on the (transparent) bitcoin blockchain. However, thanks to the intrinsic properties of Monero, no-one can associate that payment with you.

Do you have an .onion address?

Yes, we do! Here you go:

(You need TOR for this to work…)

Do you have a PGP key?

If you want to contact us via in a secure way, use our PGP key.

What are the best practices for privacy?

Do you keep records?

As long as you follow our privacy best practices, no malicious third party can trace bitcoin payments made through back to you. Even if, for whatever reason, they gained full access to our database.

However, for complete customer peace of mind (and our own too), we anyway strive to purge all order data as quickly as possible. We only keep data as long as is necessary to provide a reasonable level of support (for example, refunds in case something went wrong etc.).

To be precise, we purge your order from our database after the bitcoin payment we make on your behalf has 144 confirmations (about 1 day). After 2 more days, your order will be purged from our backups. That means all records of your payment will be gone from our system after 3 days.

Do you log IPs?

Yes, we do. This is partially because it helps for support and maintenance, and partially because it's a royal pain to ensure that they are purged from all server logs everywhere. :)

It is, in fact, irrelevant whether or not we chose to log IPs. Our hosting service may anyway be logging our traffic, and their logging policy is not in our control. (This is where all the "anonymous" VPN providers lie to you…)

In summary: use TOR or I2P to to protect your privacy to the full extend.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do! Feel free to use it.

Why do you write moneroJ instead of moneroS?

"Monero" is the Esperanto word for "currency". And the plural form in Esperanto should be written "Moneroj" with a 'j'. ("Moneros" is also considered correct). You'll get used to it. :)

Can you recommend a wallet?

We can recommend Monerujo on Android and Cake Wallet on iOS. These wallets integrate natively with

Disclaimer: supports the Monerujo and Cake Wallet teams, but is not affiliated with them in any manner. is not liable for any damage or loss due to its usage.

What about …coin?

Don't know, don't care.

Other questions? Problems?

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